The Legacy of Sir Dave

Sir Dave, the Lone Knight Welcome to my webloid which I call the Talking Beaver Trading Post.  I am your host, Sir Dave Dell, spinner of tall tales and outrageous jokes from the honky tonks of New Mexico.

Talking Beaver Trading PostThe actual Talking Beaver Trading Post is one of the most unique place I've ever visited.  It embodied the whole essence of the New Mexico territory.  Yup, and you can read all about it  by clicking here now.

Below I've posted a few photos of me taken at different times during my escapades.  You'll surely find that I have a fondness for the ladies.  But I am always a gentleman, a chivalrous knight so to speak, although I may be a little rough around the edges.

Here is a photo of me while I was in the cavalry, stationed in the New Mexico territory.  Pictured with me are Mogollon Mike and the Cantina Dancehall Gals: West Coast Brenda, Moonshine Mindy, and Tantalizing Taunya.  Cantina Dancehall Every Saturday night would find me over at the  cantina in the arms of those wild women.  You never seen such carryin' on and  hootin' and hollerin' and vampin' and, of course, dancin'.  Yup, I've spent a fair deal of time cavortin' over at the ol' cantina.

Medicine Woman

After the release from my military obligations, I done found myself a mail order bride, Colleen the Chemist.  She is the maker of that fine patent elixir, "Black Cat Tonic", the cure-all for every ailment which afflicts humanity, and felinity.  Me and her traveled all over the territory dispensing tonics from our medicine wagon.  More often than we care to admit we got chased outa town; not by the sheriff, but by all the dogs.  They hated that stuff!
Here is me again with one of my favorite wenches, Darlin' Desiree.   I really took a hankerin' to this pastry, as you can tell.  Me and her met up at the ol' Sundance Saloon one evenin' quite by accident.  (Hee, hee.  She still thinks it was an accident that I tripped and stumbled at her feet.)

Dave and DesaDo you believe in love at first site?  I'm not sure I do, but I can tell you that after our first dance I was hopelessly infatuated.  I proposed marriage to her on the spot.  But all she did was giggle and say, "Why, sir, you sure do know how to flatter the ladies.  Can I have a few moments to think it over?   Like a year!"

It's been goin' on seven year now and she still hasn't answered me.  I wonder if she's puttin' me off.

Darlin' Desiree
Here I be with Cyclone Kelli, the most vivacious woman around these parts.  How we looked forward to the monthly shindig in town.   She'd come over early to make sure I got all cleaned up proper like.    That woman sure know how to make baths fun.  Then afterwards we would go dance the night away.  And she would whirl and twirl 'til dawn, thus earning her nickname. Bath Time
dave6.jpg (12873 bytes) Here is me pleadin' with Alyxis the Gypsy for her favors.  She is a profoundly spiritual woman who has taught me a lot about the spiritual side of life.  She is also a natural born healer with remarkable abilities.

Me and Alyxis bonded immediately when we first met.  However, she tells me that we had met many times before in previous lives.  My favorite was the life we spent together in ancient Egypt.  She was in the harem while I was the eunuch in charge.  That little impediment of mine in no way prevented us from having a lasciviously good time.

Bernice Cat Woman


I first met Bernice the Barrister at a costume party.  I had dressed up quite respectable like, completely out of character for me.   But she didn't know it, and assumed I was indeed respectable.  She was dressed as a cat, and such a cute cat that she immediately captured my heart.  I've always hankered for the feline type of woman.  You know, one that purrs when you cuddle up to her.

To this day she doesn't have any idea of my true character.  I sure do hope she never sees this tabloid.

Lilting Feather, the Medicine Woman

One warm spring morning as I was exploring a remote hidden canyon I happened to fall off a big rock and twisted my ankle something awful.  But my distress was short lastin' because along came Dancin' Swan, a powerful Indian medicine woman and, I might add, a very fetchin' maiden.  Her sparkling eyes and bright smile had done cast a love spell on me so that I forget all about my predicament.  But not her.  With her expert treatment, I was able to walk back without any pain.  From that fateful moment we have a powerful bond between us that has lasted to this very day.  She even gave me my own spiritual name, Running Bare.

So, you may ask, whatever happened to all these folk who danced through my life?   I reckon I can tell you now, since you been so kind to read all the way down to here.

Mogollon Mike - He is still around but hardly gets out anymore.  He spends most of his time prospectin' down south, and word has it that a ghost town has been named after him. 

West Coast Brenda - Brenda saved a fortune while dancin' and vampin' and now owns much of the whole town.  But she still likes to get out now and then and dance with me and the gang for ol' times sake.

Moonshine Mindy - This delightful damsel moved to Italy to give her two delicate daughters a proper continental education.  I guess when she saw how I turned out, she decided this isn't the place to raise young ladies.

Tantalizing Taunya - Taunya is now an actress and will hopefully soon be makin' her first movin' picture.   Lately I hear that she has been implicated in many murder mysteries.  She sure do make a good villainess.

Colleen the Chemist  - She and her black cat found true love with a pharmacist from Texas, but no love of Texas itself.  She is now trying to drag him back to New Mexico but he is resistin' because the fishin' ain't as good.

Darlin' Desiree - This darlin' eloped with a newspaper man from Deadwood.  See what happens when your back is turned for even a brief moment.  I guess she falls for the guys who use fancy words and don't spit.  Either that or he bribed her with lots of chocolate!

Cyclone Kelli - Like the Energizer Bunny, this gal keeps going, and going, and going.  I've never seen her ever slow down.  If you're quick, you can still see her today dancin' the night away.

Alyxis the Gypsy - Alyxis is free spirited and has few ties to any one place.  She does stop in to see me every now and then.  Last time, though, she had a little basket of joy to share with me.

Bernice the Barrister - Bernice is destined for greatness, at least in my eyes.  She is one of those few lawyers who has managed to maintain her integrity, and actually believes in the law.  Not me.  I say, if guilty - hang em!

Dancin' Swan, the Medicine Woman - Dancin' Swan has one of the kindest hearts I have ever known.  She is always there when people need her healing touch.     She is truly an angel.